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Recent Restaurant Website Build

BJ’s Carolina Café is a locally owned restaurant located in Jarvisburg, NC. Last September, the restaurant’s owner approached Mitro Digital Marketing about helping maintain his website. BJ’s owner was starting to rebrand the company, having inherited it from his father, […]

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Recent Hotel Website

Ramada Plaza Nags Head was one of the most ambitious projects we had in 2017. As they are overseen by Wyndham Worldwide initially they had their website hosted with them under their web development platform. So, when the manager from […]

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Top 5 Programming Languages Used in Web Development

When it comes to web development, there are an overwhelmingly large number of programming languages to choose from. For an up-and-coming programmer, it can be a hard decision on which language to learn first. Assuming the programmer already has a […]

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Recent Government Website Build

CSJJ – Delivering the right service, to the right youth, in the right setting, at the right time. Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice, or CSJJ for short, is an organization dedicated to making systematic improvements to the juvenile justice system. […]

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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server

What’s the difference between a shared server hosting and a dedicated server? It is self-evident that businesses, like people, are supposed to grow; and with growth, comes change. The need to launch or upgrade the websites can be a big […]

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Recent Vacation Rentals and Property Management Website

There is something special you want to experience when it comes to your vacation. It is a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, and relaxation. Less worries, less work and more fun. The quality of your vacation time is […]

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HTTP or HTTPS – The Importance of a Secure Website

It’s an ever-lingering question. Is HTTP sufficient for a website, or should site owners use HTTPS instead? Google has been pushing for all websites to migrate to HTTPS, but what is their reason for this stance? To answer these questions, […]

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Recent Non-Profit Website

Outer Banks Hotline‘s mission is to promote a safe and compassionate community. They are a private, non-profit human services organization that provides crisis intervention, safe house, information and referrals, advocacy and prevention education services to residents of and visitors to […]

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Newest Contractors Website

When Matt and Rachel Neal came to Mitro Digital Marketing seeking our services, their old website was looking a bit the worse for wear. It felt outdated, and it was no longer what they wanted. Teuta consulted with them, getting […]

  • Net-Neutrality

Save Net Neutrality!

Mitro Digital Marketing joined activists and the internet companies to defend net neutrality from a rollback of protections proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet must treat all data on […]